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1391 Martine Avenue
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Meet the Directors

Get to know the people who make Camp Yachad special! 

Mallory Saks Zipkin, Camp Director
Mallory has worked at the JCC full time for six years but has been part of the Camp Yachad staff since 2000. Mallory’s camp experience comes from years in many roles here at Yachad but also as the full-time Assistant Director at a JCC Resident Camp. Mallory is a graduate of the JCCA Merrin professional fellowship and the Foundation for Jewish Camp Yitro fellowship. Being a Camp Director has always been a lifelong career goal for Mallory, and she feels lucky every day to do this important work. Mallory’s favorite thing about her job is hiring and training our awesome camp staff every year to ensure fantastic, exciting and fun experiences for our campers. Mallory also looks forward to leading Boker Tov each morning and helping our campers and staff start their days with enthusiasm and fun! Mallory and her husband Mitch live in Fanwood with their adorable camper, Shane, and their dog, Dexter.
Contact Mallory at [email protected] or 908-889-8800 x240





Cathy Pizzella, Assistant Camp Director
Cathy has been at Camp Yachad for 20 years. She started as a counselor, became an Assistant Unit Head in travel camp and is now the Camp Registrar.  Cathy has spent a lot of time working with children at the JCC, and as a result, she is a familiar face and beloved personality among Camp Yachad and JCC children.
Contact Cathy at [email protected] or 908-889-8800 x209


Pam Romanchuk, Assistant Camp Director
Pam has been part of the Camp Yachad and JCC community since she was 15 years old. Starting out as a Junior Counselor at camp, Pam worked her way up and is now one of the Assistant Camp Directors! Pam lives, breathes, eats and sleeps camp (even during the school year) and has passed her enthusiasm for all things camp to her daughter. During the school year, Pam is a 6th grade Social Studies teacher and is now the new Teen Action Service Corps (TASC) Program Director at the JCC. As the TASC Program Director, Pam is most excited to cultivate a year-round relationship with the teens she is fortunate enough to work with during the camp season. CAMP!
Contact Pam at [email protected] 

Barrie Schwarz, Assistant Camp Director
Barrie has spent her summers at camp in some capacity since she was three years old!  She has been a camper, CIT, group leader and unit director at both day and residential camps.  In 2013, Barrie and her husband moved to Scotch Plains and signed their not yet two-year-old daughter up at Camp Yachad before even closing on their house!  To no one’s surprise, Barrie started working part-time at Camp Yachad in 2017.  She spent her first two summers as the Unit Director for Chaverim before coming on full-time as an Assistant Director.  Now, both of her daughters are campers at Yachad!  Leah and Molly love camp almost as much as their mom – it’s in their blood!  Barrie lives for the summer and can’t imagine spending her summer any other way.  In addition to camp, Barrie also oversees the JCC's Youth Theater program and is overjoyed to be part of the Merrin Teen Professional Fellowship program through the JCC Association.
Contact Barrie at [email protected] or 908-889-8800 x251 






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