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Personal and Small Group Training

 Outdoor Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers are now scheduling outdoor sessions. Please contact your trainer about scheduling. If you are a new client or having trouble reaching your trainer, please contact Jenny at [email protected] 

We will be adding more outdoor Group Fitness classes, but we want to be sure we continue to stay connected with all of you and help you maintain your fitness routines so we will STILL offer our virtual Group Fitness classes and virtual Personal Training too.


Personal Training

Our goal is to help you reach yours. 

There are so many benefits of working with a personal trainer
1. Improve your overall fitness
2. Keep your workouts fresh and varied
3. Reach or maintain a healthy weight
4. Focus on your unique health concerns
5. Workout properly and safely
6. Learn new exercises and skills
7. Enhance your mind, body and spirit
8. Stick with it!


30-Minute Individual Sessions

50-Minute Individual Sessions

Single Session




($10 savings)

($15 savings)


($60 savings)

($76 savings)


($100 savings)

($146 savings)


($170 savings)

($223 savings)

New to Personal Training?  Try this Jump Start Package*
3-pack 30-minute sessions purchase: $99
*One-time purchase only

To purchase Personal Training sessions or for more information, please contact Jenny Siegel, Fitness Director, at 908-889-8800 x225 or [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE:  All personal training packages must be used within one year from date of purchase.

All services will be provided by a certified professional approved by JCC. Training sessions are 50 minutes and/or 30 minutes in length.  The JCC requires a 24-hour notice of cancellation for all appointments scheduled with any Fitness Service Professional (with the exception of extenuating circumstances).  Personal Training sessions expire one year from the date sold. Whether you're getting in shape, renewing your vitality or maintaining your fitness, you can do it in the warm, welcoming environment of the JCC Fitness and Wellness Center...your "home away from home."  

If a friend who's new to JCC Personal Training purchases a 5-pack (or greater), receive 2 FREE 30-minute sessions!  The more referrals, the more FREE sessions!

Small Group Training (3-6 people)

50-minute session
$18 per person

Full Body Stretch Training

Work with a certified trainer to enhance overall movement, reduce stress and improve flexibility. Better flexibility can improve your performance in physical activities, decrease your risk of injuries, help your joints move through their full range of motion and enable your muscles to work most effectively.  These 30-minute sessions are offered as 3-packs or as a single session.  A complimentary flexibility assessment is included.
Price: $115 for 30-minute 3-pack, $42 for a single session
A complimentary flexibility assessment is included.

NEW! JCC Cancer Exercise Training/Recovery Fitness
Open to the community

This program will help individuals recovering from cancer treatment by providing hands-on training with Debi Price, certified expert.  Training is designed to help patients and survivors who may be suffering from effects caused by surgery and treatment.  Debi will teach exercises designed to help heal and improve physical and emotional quality of life post cancer treatment.   

Some cancer patients think that rest will decrease fatigue and hasten recovery, however rest may make cancer patients weaker and more drained of energy.  This training offers patients and survivors a proactive way to improve their health and reclaim their lives past cancer.

Benefits of Working with a Cancer Exercise Expert:

  • Reduce pain and fatigue
  • Prevent, identify and manage lymphedema (swelling in arms or legs)
  • Increase shoulder range of motion and correct postural deviations following mastectomy and/or reconstruction
  • Improve treatment tolerance
  • Prevent and/or manage osteoporosis, diabetes, and damage to the heart and lungs following chemotherapy, radiation or hormonal therapy
  • Return to pre-treatment levels of strength and fitness

Individualized Training Includes:

  • Postural assessment
  • Range-of-motion assessment
  • Balance and core stability assessment
  • Girth measurements to monitor lymphedema
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Personalized program to correct imbalances, build back strength and stamina, and prevent future degeneration

Debi Price just recently received her certification through the Cancer Exercise Training Institute as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.  
For more in formation on the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, click here.

A past participant had this to say about the JCC’s Cancer Recovery class, “I participated and worked my butt off with Debi in this program last year. I cannot measure which was more valuable: the physical benefits or the motivation and emotional support she provides. While I wish that no one would “qualify” for this program, if you do, I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of all Debi has to offer. Her professional expertise and compassion are amazing and whatever your stage of recovery and return to good health, you will benefit from this program - and Debi!

One-on-One 3-Pack, 30-minute sessions
Price: $120, Member Price: $100 

One-on-One 5-Pack, 30-minute sessions
Price: $239, Member Price: $199

Small Group Training, 30-minute single session
Price: $25, Member Price: $18

Small Group Training, 30-minute 10-pack 
Price: $250, Member Price: $180

Outside Trainer/Instructor Policy

Sessions of instruction or any form of personal training are to be conducted only by employees of the JCC that are certified personal trainers and/or approved fitness or aquatics staff.  No outside contracting or non-approved private instruction is allowed.  For more information about personal fitness and aquatics training options at the JCC, please visit the Member Services Desk. 

You can start with our Complimentary Fitness Services

Health Check (15 – 30 minutes)

An evaluation of your resting blood pressure, resting heart rate and calculation of your Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI). The information obtained during this assessment will help you gauge your fitness level and will be used to develop effective, goal-directed fitness programs (one-time complimentary assessment per year).

Fitness Assessment (45 minutes)

Measure your overall fitness level. The information obtained during this assessment will help you gauge your fitness level and will be used to develop effective, goal-directed fitness programs. (One-time complimentary assessment)

Program Review

Our fitness staff is always available to help you update/modify your workout so your workouts stay fresh and you can continue to see results!  This service is free and included as a benefit of your JCC membership.