1391 Martine Ave. Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Ph: 908-889-8800

Ellen Geller Drop-In Child Care

We've got you covered with Ellen Geller Early Afternoon Drop-In for children enrolled in JCC preschool 

Afternoon Drop-In

Monday - Friday • 12:30 - 3:45 p.m.
No reservation required
Price: $10/hour; $5/half hour

All hours must be purchased in advance at www.jccnj.org or at The Member Services Desk.  Click here and search drop-in to purchase hours online.

If your child is signed up for a JCC enrichment class with a 15-minute break in between school and the class, no drop-in charges apply; your child will be escorted to his or her class.

Contact Courtney Teicher at 908-889-8800 x227 or cteicher@jccnj.org if you have any questions.

Ellen Geller Drop-In Child Care Policies and Procedures

Drop-In  Hours:  Drop-In hours can be purchased at The Member Services desk.  The Drop-In manager will keep records of family hours used and their balances. She will email families when their balance is low.

Sign In/Out:  All parents are required to check in with a staff member and sign their child(ren) out by signature. 

Release of Children: In cases where someone other than the drop off parent/escort will be picking up child, we require a written note from the parent and a  photo ID from the designated escort. 

Food and Snacks:  The JCC does not provide any type of food or snacks while your child is in our care. You may bring in a nut-free dairy snack for your child. Please provide a bag or lunch container and be sure to label all snack containers or bags.

Sick Policy:  When children are ill, the JCC is unable to provide care for them. Illnesses include but are not limited to fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes of unknown origin, cold, etc.  Please make sure that your child is free of any of  the aforementioned illnesses for at  least 24 hours before bringing them Drop-In. We reserve the right to deny access to a child who is ill or symptomatic.

NJ Licensing Standards: Drop-In is a "drop in" babysitting service at the JCC and we strictly adhere to the teacher/child ratio of New Jersey.  If we have reached maximum capacity for the room, we will kindly ask you to check back in with us as children are continuously signed in and out of the room.  Safety of the children is our primary concern at the JCC.