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We regret to report that our JCC is closed indefinitely.  At this time, all in-building programming for May is postponed.  Please visit our Virtual JCC page for our virtual programming.  Click here to see all recent JCC emails about our closure and COVID-19.  

COVID-19/Corona Virus Information

If you are in a position to make a donation to help fund our staff for as long as possible while our doors are closed, we would be grateful.  Donate here

New Guidelines for Union County COVID-19 Test Center Starts Today (Monday, March 30)

Union County residents, and first responders and health workers in Union County, can report symptoms by phone.

Union County, NJ – The Union County COVID-19 Test Center at Kean University has implemented a new “telehealth” procedure for persons seeking a COVID-19 test.
Beginning today, Union County residents, as well as all first responders and health workers working in the county regardless of residence, can report symptoms and schedule testing by calling 908-373-5105.

“From the beginning of this pandemic, we have been working tirelessly to make sure we test everyone who desperately needs tests regardless of their accessibility to primary care. By allowing all residents to call one central number we will relieve the barrier to care and free up our health care professionals to serve even more clients,” said Union County Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella.

COVID-19 symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Patients who call 908-373-5105 will be connected to a nurse who will triage and assess symptoms over the phone. Appointments will be scheduled for patients that meet the Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

Persons receiving an appointment can proceed to the Testing Center at their scheduled time. No other primary care doctor prescription is required.

Please note that Union County residents who previously registered at the Testing Center and have already submitted a prescription may proceed as instructed.

“We began this process in great partnership with the healthcare community. We know that as time goes on the burden on our doctors will only grow. Union County wants to do our part by using telehealth capabilities to triage patients so doctors can focus on the care their patients will need to get well after diagnosis,” said Chairman Mirabella.

The Test Center is located at the Kean University Campus on Morris Avenue in Union Township.

Regular weekday hours for the Test Center are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

The Test Center is available on a drive-through basis only. Testing is free.

For more information and updates on all Union County services during the COVID-19 outbreak, visit ucnj.org/coronavirus-update 


Dear JCC Community,
We understand that all of us are affected by the current situation, and that we are all living with a lot of uncertainty. With heartfelt empathy and concern, we’re thinking about all the challenges those in our JCC community are presently facing – our now isolated seniors, working parents who now are faced with providing childcare and an environment conducive to learning, families whose children have been sent home from colleges and universities and those who are financially impacted by this crisis. While there is much social anxiety right now, and the many issues we are facing are very real, we know that eventually this health crisis will end and things will stabilize. Throughout it all, the JCC will be here for our community, even when our doors cannot be open.
It has been an unprecedented set of days since we've made the difficult decision to close our building. Thank you for allowing us the time and space to make the right choices, communicate accurately and efficiently and build a strong foundation for continued service.
With the support of the JCC Board of Directors, we have established these guiding principles for membership dues, tuition and program fees:
March Programs and Dues
Please know that we are always grateful for your investment in the JCC and do not take it for granted. We feel similarly about our incredible teachers, trainers, program directors, facilities staff and so many other professionals that are the lifeblood of the JCC. During this time of uncertainty, we have decided to act on our values of community service, and have promised to continue to pay all of our staff during this two-week shutdown period (through March 28), and beyond that, for as long as we can afford to. In order to accomplish this, we will not be issuing refunds or credits for March. We hope you will join us by expressing your support during this unprecedented situation.
Please note that the JCC of Central NJ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Dues, tuition or fees for which no services are rendered can be considered a tax-deductible donation. We will be happy to provide you with a donation letter for tax deduction purposes upon request, specifying the amount you have paid for which no services were received. Your donation amount will be based on the length of time the JCC is closed. Please contact membership@jccnj.org if you wish to receive a donation letter or if you have any concerns with the March programs and/or dues you’ve remitted.
April Programs and Dues
If it turns out we need to remain closed for a longer period of time, we are offering the following options:
School and After School Tuition
Recognizing the direct and community-wide impact of building closures, JCC school, infant & toddler and after school families will have the following options, effective April 1, 2020: 
  • Apply your April tuition charge as a credit in a future billing period (e.g., camp, next year’s school tuition, other programs)
  • Continue to support the critical work, inclusive mission and professional staff of the JCC through your ongoing tuition payment. Please know that you may direct your April tuition charge as a tax-deductible contribution to the JCC's staff and service sustainability efforts. We will be happy to provide you with a donation letter for tax deduction purposes upon request, specifying the amount you have paid for which no services were received.
  • You may request that the JCC does not draft your April payment.
We also understand that not every family will be in a position to make a donation. Please know that we are making no value statements on a family’s ability to donate their tuition. All families will continue to be part of our new online programming and engagement that began this week, and your child’s enrollment in the school will continue through this closure. Your support will significantly increase our ability to continue paying our dedicated staff, enable us to provide the online engagement you are experiencing, support our staff and reopen and operate fully once it is safe and appropriate to do so. If you are able, we need you.
Requests for payment hold, tuition credit or donation letter should be directed to childrensservices@jccnj.org by March 30. If we do not hear from you by then, we will continue to process your tuition payment as usual.
If you find yourself confronted with an immediate hardship as a result of this pandemic, the JCC offers financial assistance, so please connect with Mike Goldstein at mgoldstein@jccnj.org to explore additional options and resources.
Membership Dues
JCC Membership is a diverse and engaging experience; even as our building is closed, we will continue to explore and implement ways to serve the community, engage our members and deliver a unique experience for all. JCC members will have two options for the membership dues payment effective April 1, 2020: 
  • Continue to support the critical work, inclusive mission and professional staff of the JCC through your ongoing membership.
  • Freeze your membership dues for April 
Requests for April membership freeze should be directed to membership@jccnj.org by March 30. If we do not hear from you by then, we will process your membership payment as usual.
If you find yourself confronted with an immediate hardship as a result of this pandemic, the JCC offers financial assistance, so please connect with Mike Goldstein at mgoldstein@jccnj.org to explore additional options and resources.
Program Registration Fees (classes, events, training sessions, etc.)
Any current program fees (where the identified program will not be rescheduled or otherwise delivered online or in a virtual environment) that have already been collected will be credited to your membership account for future use.
Camp Yachad Fees
We anticipate a magical and much-needed summer 2020 and looking at it as the light at the end of this tunnel we are presently in. No changes are being made to our camp program or payment plan schedule. At this point, we are still planning to draft monthly camp payments in April. We will revisit this if need be.
Our camp staff is busy creating online fun that you can access during our at-home time – stay tuned for communication on this. If you have any questions or concerns about camp, please contact Camp Director, Mallory Zipkin at mzipkin@jccnj.org.
You have told us, in your voices and actions, that being a member of the JCC is more than access to a building. We believe that membership is about the connection to one another, a shared vision for the future and an investment in the values we share. To that end, if you are in a position to make a donation, we would be grateful. All donations will be put toward funding our staff for as long as possible while our doors are closed.
In the days ahead, the JCC staff team will be ramping up the online resources, content and engagement opportunities available to our community. If you have an idea, want to connect with community members or otherwise want to explore ways to demonstrate our values and celebrate our community (in the most social-distancing-sensitive way!), please reach out to us by contacting jcallahan@jccnj.org. Stay tuned for more communication!
As we learn more, we will continue to be in touch with you regarding the extent of the JCC closure.
Thank you all for your support and commitment to our JCC.
L'Shalom (In Peace),
Mike Goldstein, Executive Director and Stefani Klaskow, President

To our valued customers, 
We know how much Covid-19 has affected our day-to-day lives. As a food service business, we at Jerusalem Cafe want to convey to all our customers that we are taking this situation very seriously. The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.
At this time, we along with the JCC are closed but our main restaurant in Elizabeth remains open for take out and delivery. 
We have decided to begin deliveries to to the JCC neighboring communities including Scotch Plains, Fanwood and Westfield.  
Below please see three different packages that you can choose from to be delivered directly to your home. Please note that orders will be delivered Sunday through Thursday. Orders must be placed by 3:30 p.m. and orders will leave the store in Elizabeth at approximately 5:00 p.m. 
Please email Jerusalempizza@hotmail.com with your order. 
Please specify:
  • your order and include your name, telephone and address. 
  • if you will be paying by cash or credit card.
  • any other request you have - we will do our best to accommodate.
You will be contacted by email or telephone to confirm your order.   
Please help us continue to feed our families by allowing us to feed yours. We will be as efficient as possible to help serve you.
We look forward to seeing your families back at the JCC in the near future. May we all continue to pray for everyone’s health and safety and pray for all those that need a recovery from this deadly virus.
Elliot, Gabe, Fran and Jen
Jerusalem Cafe
Option # 1 - $29.99 plus tax
2 Pies
2 Fries
2 liter Bottle of Soda
Option # 2 - $35.99 plus tax
Choose a 9 x 13 tray of Mac & Cheese, Penne Vodka, Penne Broccoli or Baked Ziti
15 Garlic Knots
Caesar Salad
Option # 3 - $25.99 plus tax
1 pound of either regular tuna fish or vegetable
1 pound of egg salad
1 pound of Greek Salad
1 Bag of Pita
2 Liter Bottle of Soda


Dear JCC community,
In last night's email, I promised to inform you if any of our JCC staff or members tested positive for COVID-19 or came into contact with anyone who has tested positive.
Today, I learned that two JCC employees were in contact with someone who has recently tested positive for the virus, and another employee's spouse had distant contact with someone who recently tested positive. Both of our employees and their families are feeling well and showing no symptoms. They have been self-quarantining since learning of their exposure.
I am sharing this message with an abundance of caution, and also with hope for the continued health of these employees and their families, our entire JCC community and all of humanity. I will continue to share updates as needed.
Thank you.
B’shalom (In peace), Mike Goldstein, Executive Director

Dear JCC community,
As we continue to navigate this situation and all the accompanying news - national and local - we want you to know that at this time, to the best of our knowledge, no one in our JCC community (staff, member, participant) has been identified with COVID-19. If that changes, we will let you know.
We miss seeing you and hope you are all doing as best as possible during this challenging time. 
Please continue to check our website and Facebook pages to stay connected to your JCC family!
B’shalom (In peace), 
Mike Goldstein, Executive Director and Stefani Klaskow, President 
Dear JCC community,
With heavy hearts, as we communicated earlier today, we are announcing that the JCC will follow the direction of our local Scotch Plains-Fanwood school district which announced an indefinite closure today. 
Therefore, in the interest of public health, the JCC will close all programs and building access for a period of at least 14 days beginning tomorrow, Saturday, March 14. 
We will continue to keep a close watch on this situation, and continue to communicate with you in a variety of ways – through email, Facebook and on our website (www.jccnj.org). Closure information will also be recorded on our phone system at 908-889-8800.
If you or a family member does contract COVID-19, we would appreciate knowing so that we can be aware and assist you in any way we can. If this is the case, please email mgoldstein@jccnj.org.  This information will be kept in strictest confidence.
Words fail to express how all this feels. Please be safe and follow guidelines to stay healthy and stop the spread of this virus. We will recover from this, but it appears that it will take some time and communal cooperation and patience. 
Thank you for your understanding and support.  
B’shalom (In peace), 
Mike Goldstein, Executive Director and Stefani Klaskow, President
Dear JCC community,
We all continue to watch the rapid development of the spread of COVID-19, and how communal organizations, schools and other entities (theaters, sporting organizations, etc.) are responding. These difficult decisions to cancel programs and shut down facilities where larger groups of people congregate is intended to create social distance and “flatten the curve” of the contagion. We know that these closures have very recently become a challenge for many in our community, and our hearts go out to those who have been impacted.
The JCC will be following the direction of our local Scotch Plains-Fanwood school district, in terms of their decision (or mandate by civic authority) to close.  If the Scotch Plains- Fanwood school district closes, the JCC will follow suit, closing all programs and building access for a period of at least 14 days. 
We do not yet know for certain if this will occur, but we believe that the responsible thing to do is to prepare our entire community for this possibility, which is seeming more like a probability with each passing hour.
The JCC is a vital center of life for our community, and so it is with a great deal of concern and sadness that we share this message. The thought of so many families having to balance work with child care, so many senior adults without a familiar place to gather and so many people without a JCC in their daily lives for a period of time is just devastating. But as a communal center, we must do our part to help protect our community. If closing our doors for a time will help improve this terrible situation, then that is what we must do. 
We will continue to communicate by email as this situation continues to unfold. We will also post information on Facebook and on our website (www.jccnj.org).
In the event of a closing, we will also record the information on our phone system which can be accessed by calling 908-889-8800.
B’shalom (In peace), 
Mike Goldstein, Executive Director and Stefani Klaskow, President
Dear JCC community,
With you, I am watching as COVID-19 increases its presence in the U.S. My thoughts are especially with those for whom this global public health issue is immediate, personal and painful. For all of us, it is a time of great uncertainty. 
I wanted to let you know that we are closely monitoring the spread of the virus, and are making contingency plans in the case of a JCC closure.  
At this time, as a precaution, we will be postponing individual programs which involve larger gatherings of individuals (50 or more people, as a general rule). 
For now, these postponements include:
  • Pop-Up Shop in JCC Lobby on Thursday, March 19
  • Yeladim - LIT Camper Shabbat on Friday, March 20
  • The Plaza with author Julie Satow on Sunday, March 22
  • JCC Indoor Triathlon on Sunday, March 22
  • Jim Boggia on Saturday, March 28
  • Early Childhood Parents Night Out on Saturday, March 28
  • Cooking Class with Fana Horenbein on Tuesday, March 31
If you are registered for any of the above postponed events, please stay tuned for additional communication. 
The Early Childhood Parent Committee meeting scheduled for Monday, March 16 will be a call-in meeting. A separate communication will be sent out about that also.
As the COVID-19 situation develops, JCC leadership will evaluate the need for further program postponements, and we will communicate accordingly.
Presently, the JCC school and after school programs will continue on a normal schedule. We will make program modifications, such as our weekly school Shabbat, so that larger groups of individuals are not together in a contained space.  
All recreation, athletic and fitness programs will also continue on a normal schedule. That includes our group and private swim lessons. (We are diligent year-round about properly chlorinating our pool, and according to the CDC, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through the use of pools and hot tubs. Click here for more information.)
Our Senior Adult program will also continue on a normal schedule for now, and all program participants have been reminded about CDC-recommended personal hygiene and not attending the program if ill.  
Finally, our staff diligently continues to follow CDC-recommended practices for housecleaning, disinfecting and hygiene. 
I remind everyone of health guidelines available from the CDC. The most important of these are effective hand washing and social distancing. Click here for full information.  
And as an additional reminder, do not come to the JCC if you are exhibiting signs of illness, or if you have not been free of fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.  Click here for additional tips and guidelines
Thank you all for your partnership in this process and with one another as we make our way through these extraordinary circumstances.
B’Shalom (in Peace),
Mike Goldstein
Executive Director
The JCC of Central New Jersey is committed to the safety, health and well-being of our staff, members and participants. We are always vigilant with our protocol and the measures that we take to minimize the transmission of infectious disease here at the JCC and to ensure the ongoing health of the members of the JCC community.
As the world community monitors the news about the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), I want to assure you that the senior leadership team at the JCC is keeping up-to-date on the situation, listening to recommendations coming from appropriate authorities and taking proactive steps to minimize disease transmission.
We have been in contact with and have reviewed recommendations from the Union County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In fact, I participated in a call last Friday with the CDC specifically for JCCs to discuss this global concern.
The following are the specific steps that we are taking in our ongoing effort to prevent the spread of illness within the JCC community:
  • Our cleaning personnel will continue to properly disinfect the entire facility on a daily basis.
  • We have reviewed our daily cleaning and sanitation protocol for all program areas and have modified and enhanced daily procedures where necessary and appropriate, and we have taken steps to ensure that we will have the necessary supplies to do this.
  • Our staff are being reminded and retrained on procedures for sanitizing toys in the early childhood classrooms, infant gross motor room, equipment in the fitness center, as well as high use surfaces and equipment/supplies throughout the facility.
  • We will be making sure that all of our youth program participants (e.g., youth sports, after school classes) will engage in frequent and proper hand-washing and that we remind them about proper usage of tissues for runny noses and the tissue disposal. 
As the staff at the JCC works hard in the above-mentioned ways, there are steps that I would like to ask you, our valued members and participants, to take to aid in our efforts to promote and maintain a healthy environment here at the JCC:
  • If you are not feeling well and exhibit any symptoms of illness, please refrain from using the JCC until all symptoms have subsided.
  • If you have a fever please make sure that you are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication before returning to the JCC to use the facilities or participate in any programs.
  • If your children are enrolled in any of our youth programs please do not send your children to the JCC if they are sick. If you are an early childhood family, please strictly adhere to our "return to school" guidelines for your children after an illness. Also, if you are called to pick up a sick child from any of our programs please arrive in as timely a manner as is safely possible.
  • If you are planning to do any personal travel in the coming months and during the upcoming spring break season, please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with information about the areas where infection rates are high and the chance for disease transmission is heightened. Click here to find information on the CDC's Coronavirus Disease Travel Page.
  • If you work out in the JCC Fitness Center please use the sani-wipes provided throughout the Fitness Center to wipe down your equipment both before and after use at all times.
  • Please wash your hands frequently, consider carrying hand sanitizer to use if soap and water is not readily available, cover your mouth and nose when sneezing (if a tissue is not readily available, use the upper part of your arm/sleeve) and properly dispose of tissues and paper towels in appropriate trash receptacles. Keep your hands away from eyes, nose and mouth so germs on your hands won’t enter your body.
  • Please do not leave any JCC towels that you have used in public areas, locker rooms or in the fitness center, but instead make sure to properly place them in the designated baskets located in the hallway outside the locker rooms. 
Below are links to two fact sheets if you would like more information about the Coronavirus, if you would like to review frequently asked questions or learn how to mitigate the transmission of the disease.
What You Need to Know about Corona Virus Disease
What to Do If You Are Sick with the Corona Virus
For those of you wondering how to discuss this topic with children who may be anxious about what they are hearing, click here for an article which is a wonderful tool for parents.
We will continue to monitor this situation and will regularly communicate and follow guidelines from local, state and national authorities. We will maintain our commitment and diligent efforts to mitigate exposure to and transmission of infectious disease within the JCC community and ask that each of you please do your part in continuing to ensure the health, safety and well-being of everyone.

Regarding travel, here are CDC recommendations for travel and self-quarantine procedures, which the JCC will be adopting immediately.
Your Travel: Family Vacations and Business Travel
We have been carefully considering how to advise JCC community members regarding travel plans, including family vacations and business travel. In addition to your usual health precautions, we strongly suggest that you learn about travel advice from the CDC (click here) and State Department travel advisories (click here), and keep in mind potential health issues and travel restrictions.
If you plan to travel abroad, check entry and exit requirements for the U.S. and your intended destination(s) before your departure and your return. Many countries have instituted restrictions and quarantines that may directly affect you. Please be mindful that travel restrictions can change with little or no advance notice, and airlines may change or cancel flights in response.
Self-Quarantine and Returning to the JCC
Please note that as of now, the CDC is asking all travelers arriving in this country from countries with Level 3 travel advisories to self-quarantine for 14 days, even if asymptomatic. In an abundance of caution, the JCC asks that if any member of your family travels to a country with a CDC Level 2 or 3 travel advisory related to COVID-19 (click here for full information), help us ensure our community health by doing the following:
  •  All members of the traveler's family should refrain from coming to the JCC for 14 days after the traveler's return to this country, or after any flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) in the household have subsided, whichever date is later. 
As we move forward, we will consider the possibility that other precautions may be necessary for the health of our community, and we will be in touch with any updates.