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1391 Martine Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Ph: 908-889-8800
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Why Camp Yachad ROCKS!

Yachad ROCKS!   

Our ROCK solid foundation of camping is what makes Camp Yachad stand above the rest.  ROCKS are the values we embrace each and every day at camp and in our community. Important life skills radiate from these core values – helping to prepare our young campers to live a life that ROCKS!  We reinforce these values on a daily basis and make it a priority to find ways to recognize our campers and counselors who demonstrate these values. 

Let’s ROCK

R – Ruach

Ruach = means “spirit”, and we’ve got tons!  Cheer, support, celebrate, work hard and do your best every day and in all activities.  Remember: Ruach ROCKS!

O – Opportunity

Take advantage of all the opportunities at Camp Yachad.  Try new things, make new friends and jump right in.  It’s easy and fun to do because Camp Yachad ROCKS!

C – Community

Community is at our camp.  Make new friends and cherish the old ones.  Include everyone.  Help take care of your environment.  Be part of our camp community that ROCKS!

K – Kindness

Simply stated – be kind.  Be respectful, inclusive and compassionate.  Treat friends and counselors the way you want to be treated.   Practice gemilut hasadim, acts of loving kindness, and see how it ROCKS Camp Yachad!

S – Strength

There are so many ways to show your strength!  Be adaptable, flexible, creative and patient. Be a good sport, be brave. Try something new and always try again!  Be strong like ROCKS!


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