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Wandering Dixie: Dispatches from the Lost Jewish South with Author Sue Eisenfeld

Date: December 14, 2020Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm Contact: Alison RivlinPhone: 908-889-8800 x260Email: [email protected]

This is a free virtual program. Please contact Alison Rivlin at 908-889-8800 x260 or [email protected] for Zoom link.

For Sue Eisenfeld’s mother, the concept of “southern Jews” was almost an oxymoron. Jews were leftists, refugee immigrants to the northeast in the late nineteenth century. But when Eisenfeld moved from her native Philadelphia to Virginia – and, impelled by her interest in history, began going to Civil War reenactments, museums and old cemeteries – she came across a series of gravestones for antebellum Jews. With so much of Judaism based on the concept of social justice, why would any Jew willingly remain in a region steeped in injustice? To get some answers, Eisenfeld planned a series of road trips to a variety of historic sites in the South. She lets herself be changed by what she learns on her journey. Proud Partner of the Jewish Book Council.