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JCC Annual Meeting

June 3, 2019

Please join us at our 2019 Annual Meeting as we install our 2019-20 JCC Officers and Board of Directors, recognize our volunteers and staff, review highlights from the past year and share our exciting plans for the coming year.

Mindy Goldberger and Caren Goldberg, 2019 Annual Meeting Chairs

Installation of the 2019-20 JCC Officers & Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President - Stefani Klaskow
Immediate Past President - Peter Weissbrod
Vice President - Jason Benedict
Vice President - Stacie Friedman
Treasurer - Lauren Barr
Secretary - Tracey Hoberman
Asst Secretary/Treasurer - Bob Simon
Parliamentarian - Carrie Drake
At Large* - Debra Judd
At Large* - Jeff Sassoon

* At Large Members are Auxiliary Members of the Executive Committee in accordance with our by-laws.

Board of Directors

Sharon Artz ǀ Ann Beckerman** ǀ Phyllis Bernstein ǀ Brian Cohen ǀ Carrie Darsky** ǀ Linda Denkensohn ǀ June Fischer ǀ Stuart Fuchsman** ǀ Natalie Halpern** ǀ Marc Herzog** ǀ Howard Kornfeld ǀ Nikki Mendelsohn ǀ Robyn Minick** ǀ Evan Nathanson** ǀ Jeff Silverstein ǀ Jessica Silverstein ǀ Alex Skibinsky** ǀ Scott Stavin ǀ Suzanne Tucker

** Denotes new Board Nominee

Recognition of Board Members Completing Their Term

Mindy Goldberger ǀ Scott Lazar ǀ Erez Liebermann ǀ James Prichett ǀ Jill Horowitz Rome ǀ Kenneth Rotter

Leadership Recognition
Partner Impact Awards
Jonathan Bransky and Laura Bransky ǀ Randy Belfer and Barbara Weisbart/Alison Rivlin ǀ Debra and David Judd and Debi Price ǀ Carrie Drake and Amy Waldman ǀ Stacie Friedman/Tracey Hobermand and Jill Callahan/Sheri Finver
Hineni Award for Outstanding Service
Executive Director Search Committee: Carrie Drake, Kenneth Rotter, Suzanne Tucker

Please join us for dinner at 6:00 p.m. honoring outgoing President Peter Weissbrod

Kindly respond by Tuesday, May 28 to Connie Oley at 908-889-8800 x210 or coley@jccnj.org

A tribute is a thoughtful way to honor Peter, our volunteers and staff.  Click here for a tribute.

Questions about making a tribute?  Contact Caren Goldberg at 908-889-8800 x236 or cgoldberg@jccnj.org.