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8-Week Beach Body Challenge

Take the Challenge and Be Ready for Summer!

Monday, April 22 – Friday, June 14
Choose from three options to obtain your body fitness goals before summer. Each option will include a beginning and ending measurement check with trainers. You will also receive a weekly food journal to help with nutrition and will have the option to join personal trainer Shane in the Vegan Challenge to sculpt your body in the kitchen! This program is completely designed by the trainers, so just show up and complete their tasks to reach their body transformation!
Body Tone - personalized exercise program design + two 50-minute training sessions (weeks one and five) to check in with trainer and update training
Price: $110
Body Blast - personalized exercise program design + one 30 minute training session per week
Price: $275
Body Transformation - personalized exercise program design + two 30 minute training sessions per week
Price: $550

Winner is the participant who loses the highest % weight
Win four 50-minute personal training sessions or eight 30-minute personal training sessions!

Here's how it works:

  1. Register for the level that best suits your needs.
  2. Fill out the form sent to your email which includes goals, limitations, class likes/dislikes, scheduling preferences.
  3. You will then be assigned a trainer based on scheduling/trainer preferences.  Jenny and Debi will set this up.
  4. Your trainer will receive your info sheet and will contact you to set up your first session and ask any other questions that will be helpful in developing their program design for you. 
  5. You attend the kick-off event to complete your initial measurements (weight, body comp, circumference), receive program materials (measurement sheet, nutrition pamphlet, program info sheet) and learn about program design card which you will receive at your first session with your trainer

Body Tone participants will meet with their trainer during week one for a 50-minute session. During this session, participants will learn their workout (actually do it and feel it) so they and the trainer can make any necessary adjustments. Then they will work with the trainer to create their program calendar for the first four weeks. They will repeat this process during week five and then do final measurements at the end of week eight. 

Body Blast participants will meet with their trainer for the first 30-minute session. The trainer will train them based on their goal sheet and then give them their pre-written program design card. The participant will do a 30-minute session with a trainer once a week and then complete addition workouts based on their calendar created by the trainer. Trainers can either write the workout they did that week for participant to repeat or write a basic workout for them to complete weekly. These participants are looking for a body change, so they should work out at least two to three times outside of their training session. Group Fitness classes can be a part of the participants’ workout calendar if they enjoy participating in them. The weekly training session is a great way for the trainer to check in on their progress and to keep them on a consistent track.

Body Transformation participants will meet with their trainer for the first 30-minute session. The trainer will train them based on their goal sheet and then give them their pre-written program design card. The participant will do two 
30-minute sessions with a trainer a week and then complete at least two additional workouts outside of this. With two sessions per week, trainers will be able to keep close track of a participant's progress. Their sessions should be difficult; their fitness and nutrition outside of the training sessions will be discussed.

Each week participants will be sent a program email with nutrition information.  This email will also contain a workout of the week to help challenge participants outside of their workouts with the trainer. (Trainers should add this to a participant's calendar.)  For access besides email, a copy of the nutrition information and the workout of the week will be at the fitness desk.

Last week of program (June 9 – 14) participants will need to complete their final measurements.  They can either schedule a time to do this with their trainer during their trainer’s floor hours or during the floor hours of another trainer.  (Fitness Director Jenny Siegel can also help trainers complete these measurements.)  We are excited to see and celebrate everyone's progress!