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Ph: 908-889-8800
We regret to report that our JCC is closed indefinitely.  At this time, all in-building programming for May is postponed.  Please visit our Virtual JCC page for our virtual programming.  Click here to see all recent JCC emails about our closure and COVID-19.  


Here’s How It Works:

Purchase printable flamingos (sent via email) for $18 each.

Add some color, be creative and tape it to your front door or hang it outward facing on one of your front windows so all passers-by can see it.

Buy them for your local friends and family too! (Just provide their email address and we will forward to them.)

Along with the printable flamingos, you will receive a printable FLAMINGO BINGO card.

Spot flamingos on your family walks or drives through town and mark your FLAMINGO BINGO card.

Once you have completed your full FLAMINGO BINGO card, send a photo of it and your family to Pam Romanchuk to promanchuk@jccni.org, and you will be entered into our prize drawing.

Click here to purchase flamingos (search FLAMINGO) or email Pam to get started.