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Magic Moments of Camp

Posted by: Jennifer Mamlet, Executive Director on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 12:00:00 am

We made it! After that long snowy winter, summer has finally arrived and the sun has been shining bright at Camp Yachad! Camp is a special place where community comes together as family, and the walls seem to come alive as the energy, excitement and ruach (spirit) of camp take over our JCC.

On Monday morning, as my two kids put on their bright blue camp shirts for the first time this summer, I marveled as they marched on the bus without looking back. Moments later, when I got to the JCC and saw the first bus roll in, I felt my heart and eyes swell knowing that my favorite time of year had officially begun. Day 1 of Camp Yachad and our first campers were here!

Already, in three short days, I have watched countless campers discovering new friends and old camp traditions, dozens of kids running up to hug counselors they haven’t seen for a year, two year olds excitedly navigating our playground, kids proudly showing off their well-earned deep water bracelets, young counselors – empowered by their responsibility - coming together to lead our campers, and campers helping friends with special needs acclimate to new surroundings.

These are just some of the magic moments of camp! And although the camp buses leave each afternoon, the spirit and excitement still go on and we have a lot to offer to our JCC families. Come to our fitness center, enjoy a massage, join an outdoor boot camp to stay in shape this summer, or join us at night and on weekends to swim in our family-friendly outdoor pool! We also have special events planned for you and your kids all year – and we hope you’ll join us on July 10th for Family Camp Night so you can experience the wonders of camp as a family!

I look forward to seeing you all – and I can’t wait to watch as my kids - and your kids - discover the magic and excitement that the rest of this summer will bring here at Camp Yachad! As we say each morning when we bid our campers farewell to begin their day, L’hitraot (see you later)!



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