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Thoughts from your newest Camp Co-Director at the start of our 25th summer

Posted by: Mallory Zipkin on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Happy New Year from your newest Camp Co-Director!

As I reflect back on the last year (or should I say the last 15+ YEARS that I have been on staff at Camp Yachad and the JCC), I can’t help but feel so grateful for how far I have come. Judaism speaks of the concept of “kavannah” defined as intention and/or direction. This guiding theory is especially resonant for me professionally.  When I was a senior in high school I came to the JCC as an intern for then Camp Director Robin Brous; Robin helped me find a career path I was passionate about. I thrived on the energy and happiness that you find at camp.  Since then it has been my truest intention to be a Camp Director and help shape children’s lives through hands-on-experience. Realizing this dream and taking on this exciting new role strengthens my commitment to youth, community, safety, creative programming and relationship building and feeds my passion for camp. 

Being a part of the Camp Yachad family and interacting all year long with our incredible JCC community continues to enrich my life. It’s so energizing to me that at Camp Yachad there are so many opportunities to connect all year long; we have so many great events planned throughout the year because we want the opportunity and we want to give our camp families the opportunity to connect with those special friendships that only camp can foster.  Relationships are built on shared experiences, and it is so important to continue to grow together and share in all that comes our way. 

As we move into this new year and prepare for the Summer of 2016, Jodi (my camp co-director) and I are hard at work on designing another incredible summer.  It’s a special year for Camp Yachad – our 25th anniversary – and we are thinking about all of the ways that we can mark this very special time.  Again I am reminded of the concept of “kavannah.” We are so excited to celebrate how much we’ve grown as a camp and as a camp community, but we are equally as excited to work with intention to envision great things for the future of Camp Yachad and your children!


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