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About 12 years ago, I was asked by a former JCC Nursery School Teacher (Nancy Gard) if I would be interested in an exercise class.  The rest is history - it started out one or two days a week with our terrific instructor, Karen Rosen, for both classes.  Since then we have become a support group of friends, celebrating birthdays (group of 11 at times), births of grandchildren, end of radiation, recovery from strokes and just caring for each other.  ( (we) attend classes five time a week - all different instructors, all caring about our well being - and at age 73, I wake up pain free every day.
-- Gail, age 73


I have had a very positive experience with the JCC on many fronts and particularly in this last year, the Fitness Center and JCC Personal Trainer Elizabeth's coaching and guidance have led to some dramatic changes in my life.  I've shed nearly 35 pounds and 60 points on my cholesterol.  Elizabeth not only showed me new exercise routines and an approach to fitness, but she also coached me on healthier eating, recipes and a variety of methods for achieving my goals.  My back feels 10 years younger, and I've been on a buying spree to replace most of my clothing!  I truly appreciate the organization for providing the updated Fitness Center, which is a comfortable community place to exercise and connect with such great instructors and coaches and isn't simply a corporate impersonal big box gym.
--Adam, age 40


The JCC preschool is truly in a class of its own.  We have had such positive experiences with both our children.  I never felt like my children were doing the same things from year-to-year.  The teachers are incredibly warm, nurturing and professional.  The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and kid-focused.  Specialty programs like swimming, music, field trips and holiday celebrations are great.  The friendships my children have made (and the ones I have made too) are really special.  One of my favorite memories at the JCC preschool was making homemade menorahs with my children and then walking down the preschool hallways and seeing all of the other children's menorah creations on display. 
--Jennifer, mom to Samantha, age 6 and Sarah, age 4

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