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Please note that the gymnasium will be closed for Jewish Federation's "The Big Give" from 1:30pm on Friday, December 2 and will reopen at 6am on Monday, December 5.  Thank you.  

Special Needs

The JCC of Central New Jersey is committed to the inclusion of people of all abilities, backgrounds, denominations, gender identity and religious affiliations into all of our programs. We are committed to making our Wilf Jewish Community Campus a barrier-free environment and our programs equally inclusive. We believe inclusion is an attitude, not an activity. Inclusion is belonging. If you would like to participate in a JCC program – or are the parent of a child who would like to participate in one of our programs – and feel that you, or your child, may need special accommodations, please contact COO Mike Goldstein at mgoldstein@jccnj.org or 908-889-8800 x218. Whenever possible we will make reasonable accommodations to ensure accessibility for all. The JCC of Central New Jersey is a place where everyone is truly welcome.

For more information about Special Needs programming within the larger Greater MetroWest community, click here.

JCC Shadow Program

If you would like your child to participate in a JCC program and feel that he/she may need special accommodations, please contact JCC Assistant Executive Director Mike Goldstein at mgoldstein@jccnj.org.  The JCC will evaluate each program and child to try to successfully match your child with an appropriate shadow volunteer.  We will look at each child on an individual basis to determine need and appropriateness of program.  Please note that there will be an additional fee for a shadow if we are unable to provide a trained volunteer.

Camp Yachad Shadow Program

Whenever possible, Camp Yachad serves children with disabilities in the same groups as all the other campers.  If you are interested in summer camp for your special needs child, please contact Camp Co-Director Mike Goldstein, at 908-889-8800 x218 or mgoldstein@jccnj.org. Read more about our Camp Yachad Shadow Program.

If you are a teen looking for special need training and volunteer opportunities, consider being a part of the JCC's Teen Action Service Corps (T.A.S.C.).  Click here to learn more.


For questions about any Aquatics programs or to register, please contact Kim Koza, Aquatics Director, at 908-889-8800 x219 or kkoza@jccnj.org.

Private Swim Lessons for Children with Special Needs (all ages)

This one-on-one 30-minute aquatics class, taught by our trained swim instructors, is ideal for children with special needs. Lessons are adapted to each child's specific needs and limitations. for more information, please contact Kiz Koza. #24665-01 Single Lesson: Member: $35/session, Community Participant: $45/session #24665-02 Five Private Lesson Package: Member: $175, Community Participant: $225 #24665-03 Ten Private Lesson Package: Member: $300, Community Participant: $400

Private Services as Requested Adaptive Sports with Throwback Sports

Individual or group sessions are scheduled to encourage happy and active children. In each Throwback Sports session, focus is on the Personal Play Goals that gradually allow for an increased teamwork concept while building up core physical skills. The key to all this is having fun. Children work towards understanding the concepts, strategies and significance of engaging with others in sports play such as baseball, football and basketball.  Facilitated by Mike Cohen and the Throwback Sports Team.  For more information, please email mgoldstein@jccnj.org

Adaptive Sports Camp for Children with Special Needs

(rising kindergartners - rising 4th graders)
In partnership with Throwback Sports
Open to the Community
Start your child's summer out strong!  Build skills, confidence and ability through sports, exercise and physical activity.  A 2:1 camper to staff ration allows instructors to cater to each child's level of fitness, skill and ability.  Attention is given to help campers work toward understanding sports play concepts and strategies.  There is also an emphasis on the importance and significance of engaging with others in sports play.  Throwback Sports has been present in the NYC-area special needs community since 2003.  Their guiding principal supports the overall development of a child so they believe in helping develop socially as well as physically competent children in a nurturing environment.  Contact Mallory Zipkin at x240 or mzipkin@jccnj.org for more information about Summer 2016.