Meet The Aquatics Staff


Kimberly Koza, Aquatics Director
For over five years, Kimberly has been the JCC’s year-round Aquatics Director.  When it comes to the water Kimberly does it all: she is a swimmer, lifeguard, head swim coach and pool manger. Under Kimberly’s direction, the JCC’s quatics programs and swim lessons have become very highly regarded in our community.

Michelle Sion, American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor
Michelle has been a member of the JCC Aquatics Department since 1999.  An American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, Michelle enjoys the challenge of introducing babies to the pool as well as working with children and adults.  Michelle is responsible for coordinating the JCC’s American Red Cross swim program and scheduling private lessons and is a great resource for those who need help and guidance about swim lessons.  Michelle is also the Head Coach of the Mini Barracudas Swim Team.   

Laura Bransky, Competitive Swim Program Director
Laura started her JCC career as a "preschool mom” and then joined the staff of the Aquatics Department in 1999 as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor.  In 2001, she began assisting the swim team coaches, and very quickly took over the job as Head Coach - this fall will mark her 13th year as Head Coach of the JCC Barracudas Swim Team.  Laura helped introduce our Mini Barracuda, IntraCuda and Adult Master’s swim programs.  Recently she traveled with our JCC’s delegations to the Jr. Maccabi and Maccabi Games as our Swim Coach.  She is our resident Water Safety Instructor Trainer and has certified over 150 WSI’s since 2004.  She enjoys teaching all ages and skills and can frequently be found in the pool working with the waterbabies, preschool, swim team or adult triathletes and adult master’s classes.