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Lunch Menus

NEW!  School lunches catered by Signature Creations/Deli King in Linden!

Here's the menu for Tuesday, September 8 - Wednesday, December 23.

You can easily order lunch online. Please use the course number associated with the day for which you'll be ordering. 

Monday  23070   Chicken tenders with carrot sticks and bottled water* $66
Tuesday 23071   Pasta and meatballs with apple slices and bottled water $78
Wednesday 23072  Chicken tenders with carrot sticks and bottled water* $96
Thursday 23073   Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with fruit and bottled water $84
Friday 23074 Slice of pizza, fruit and bottled water** $55

*Please note that Wednesday's lunch cost is higher for the same menu item than Monday's lunch cost because there are more in-session Wednesdays than Mondays during the fall.
**Pizza not provided by Deli King. 

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