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Full-Day Kindergarten

Click here for a great article written by our Early Childhood Director, Robin Brous, about Kindergarten Readiness.

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Bridges, A Transitional Kindergarten Program
This exciting and progressive program is now at the JCC. Transitional Kindergarten, for children that miss the kindergarten age cut-off and children who may benefit from an extra year before moving on to kindergarten, is designed to enhance readiness for kindergarten learning. We will support children’s love of learning and offer encouragement in areas that help develop social, emotional and academic skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Project-based learning units will frame the direction and scope of the curriculum in this innovative program.

Full-Day Kindergarten - for 5 - 6 year olds
The JCC’s full-day kindergarten is the perfect combination of progressive academic learning and a warm, nurturing environment. The curriculum focuses on the whole child. Reading and literacy skills are developed through guided reading, phonemic awareness, shared reading, interactive read-alouds, creative writing and the integration of other disciplines into the reading world. Everyday Math provides a hands-on approach to mathematics. Social Studies and Science stem from the children’s natural curiosities and take a project-based learning approach. Jewish values, stories and culture are celebrated in kindergarten. Students participate in art appreciation, physical education, music and swim instruction. Kindergartners are our school’s “seniors” who learn to be responsible, accountable members of the JCC school community. They are well prepared with a strong foundation to enter first grade.

Early Arrival and Late Stay for JCC Early Childhood Students
Available for students enrolled in the JCC preschool or kindergarten programs

Early Arrival
7:00 - 8:45 a.m.
Children will meet in an Early Childhood classroom and may bring a light breakfast with them each day.  JCC Early Childhood staff will supervise the rooms and provide children with the opportunity to transition from home to school in a nurturing, warm environment.  Classroom teachers will pick up their students and escort them to their classrooms.

Late Stay
2:30/3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Children will play in an age-appropriate setting and will be supervised by qualified JCC Early Childhood staff.  Students staying at the JCC later than 4:00 p.m. must be enrolled in After School at the J after care.  Click here for details.

Please note: Single day early arrival arrival/late stay is available on an as needed basis through the Ellen Geller Drop-In Childcare Center. 

  Early Arrival    Late Stay 


Monthly School Year Monthly School Year

1 day/week

$21  $210  $21   $210
2 days/week   $42  $420  $42  $420
3 days/week  $64  $640  $64  $640
4 days/week   $84  $840  $84  $840
5 days/week   $105  $1050  $105 $1050 




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