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Enrichment Classes

Our enrichment classes help round out your child’s day when school is over. Half-day and full-day students can add specialized classes in sports, dance, gymnastics, art, science, Spanish, martial arts and more. It’s a great variety of classes that allow your child to explore new interests or build on what he or she already loves to do.  We welcome members whose children do not attend the JCC preschool, Kid Zone participants and the community!

Fall/Winter: Monday, September 15 - Friday, January 30, 2015
Winter/Spring: Monday, February 2, 2015 - Friday, June 5, 2015 (Winter/spring registration is not yet open)

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Broadway Bound 
Set the stage for your musical theater child.  These little performers learn the combined basic techniques of singing, dancing and acting. 4 year olds, class on Thursday

Dance Combo (Ballet/Jazz/Tap)
A dazzling introduction of the fundamental techniques of dance for boys and girls in a fun and effective way.  (Hip Hop included for 4 year olds/no Tap for 3year olds.)  3 year olds, classes on Monday and Tuesday; 4 year old, classes on Tuesday and Wednesday; kindergartners, classes on Wednesday

Fun and Games
Let's get back to the classics!  The Hokey Pokey, Duck Duck Goose, Red Light-Green Light 1-2-3, just to name a few.  The games we remember forever - just good old-fashioned fun!  3 and 4 year olds, class on Tuesday

Gecko Kids Traveling Computer Studio
Not your average computer class.  The difference - children don't work on games, they learn true computer skills working in the computer's environment while creating their very own book.  Children 3+ learn mouse manipulation as well as short cuts, saving, drives, folder and more.  3 and 4 year olds, class on Tuesday

Hip Hop
Move to the beat, rock across the floor, strike a pose, feel the rhythm.  Cool dancing fun for boys and girls.  4 year olds, class on Monday and Friday; kindergartners, class on Friday 

Kidding Around Yoga
A trained kid-friendly yogi will work with your child in this unique approach to teaching children's yoga, inner peace and silliness.  Kidding Around Yoga didn't invent children's yoga; they just perfected it!  Namaste.  4 year olds, class on Wednesday

Little Architects
Imagine, plan, use tools and real materials to build little minds and their big imaginations.  4 year olds and kindergartners, class on Thursday

Making Mosaics
Little artists go outside the box to create works of mosaic magnificence.  Fine motor skills and creative expression turn into unique keepsakes.  4 year olds and kindergartners, class on Monday

Martial Arts America  
Build confidence and discipline in this well-tested Tae Kwon Do program.  Students learn basic kicks, punches and forms for balance, flexibility and control.  
3 and 4 year olds, class on Thursday

Move ‘n Groove
Dancer's Pointe Dance School will introduce your child to a creative movement experience filled with music, rhythm, improve and more.  2 year olds, class on Wednesday (winter/spring session only)

Playdoh & Pretend
An inspired instructor will work with children using homemade playdoh mixed in outrageous colors and scents along with authentic materials, and they will have a sensational sensory experience with fun take-home projects.  3 and 4 year olds, class on Thursday

Ready, Set, Read!
If you can recognize a stop sign, you are a reader! A certified teacher will build your child's confidence in working and playing with age-appropriate pre-reading skills.  No sitting still, no stress.  4 year olds, class on Wednesday

Smarty Cat Science
Hands-on workshops that keep things interesting and minds sharp.  Each week and each session has new and fun experiments, projects, games and inquiry-based activities.  3 and 4 year olds, class on Monday

Spanish Language
Learning a new language through songs, games and fun while building self-esteem, expanding your child's knowledge base and augmenting brain development.  4 year olds and kindergartners, class on Friday

Surgent's Elite Gymnastics
Don't leave the building; your child can go to Surgent's right here at the J to build coordination, strength and self-esteem as students work on rolls, cartwheels and balance activities. 
 3 and 4 year olds, class on Friday 

Tennis Anyone?
Start your life-long sport right here inside the J.  Steve Levin, certified tennis instructor, will use low nets, low density tennis balls and great drills like tennis tag and tennis hockey to build skills and set your child up for nothing but fun.  BYOR (bring your own racquet).  4 year olds and kindergartners, class on Friday 

Throwback Sports 
Well-versed sports educators provide t
hese popular classes introducing a variety of sports skills all wrapped up in fun and games to give your child what he or she needs for sports basics.  3 and 4 year olds. classes on Monday and Wednesday; 4 year olds and kindergartners, class on Monday

Throwback Sports Soccer
Get ready for soccer.  Running around drills, skills, rules and don't forget the fun!  3 and 4 year olds, class on Tuesday

Please note: 
All enrichment classes are subject to change due to enrollment or scheduling. 
Enrollment for all classes closes after week one.


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