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Barracudas General Info

Meets: The Barracudas’ competitive season begins in early November and runs through the State Championships in March. Dual meets are always held on Sunday afternoons; they begin at 1:00 P and last for several hours. All swimmers are encouraged to improve their techniquesand times during every meet. Please note that swimmers who register for the Barracudas Swim Team are expected to maintain their commitment to the Barracudas team. This includes attending all six team dual meets. If your swimmer has scheduling conflicts and cannot commit to attending the dual meets, please sign him/her up for the Intra-Cudas program instead.

Swimmers entered into a meet: This list is always posted 1 week before each meet. Please double check the board outside Aquatics office each Thursday prior to a swim meet. If there’s a problem with what is/isn’t posted, please talk to a coach.

Meet Attendance: This is extremely important. If your swimmer can’t swim due to an emergency, please call AND e-mail the Aquatic sOffice prior to 10AM Sunday.
Phone: 908-889-8800 ext. 219
E-Mail: barracudas@jccnj.org

Meet Do’s and Don’ts:
Sign in with the coach on the pool deck, and be ready to be in the pool at the start of warm-up time. If you are late, you will be scratched from the meet.
You may not leave the pool deck after this point unless you have permission from a coach. This includes going to the locker room, café, or leaving the meet early.
Expect to swim 2 individual events, and a relay at most meets. We will rotate the relay alternates.
You need to be on your best behavior at ALL swim meets: Follow all rules ( i.e. no food on the pool deck, leave the locker room and pool deck clean, treat competing team, your team members, and officials with RESPECT!). Only a coach may approach and speak with an official—not parents or swimmers.
Label all suits, T-shirts, towels, sweats, etc.: We will distribute team suits and apparel when they arrive. When you receive your team suit…PUT YOUR NAME IN IT!
Team suits: Wear the team suit only to meets (do NOT practice in this suit), as well as your team cap.
Bring at least 2 towels and extra sweats to each meet.

Meet and Warmup Guidelines
Check in with the coach taking attendance when you arrive at any meet.
We will only get 2 or 3 lanes for warmups (odd lanes at home meets, even lanes at away meets). Be extremely careful when swimming during warmups, because this can be a DANGEROUS situation.
8 and under swimmers will warm up first, 1:00 –1:20 p.m.
Older swimmers will stretch first, and then warm up 1:20 – 2:00 p.m.
Warmups—can be dangerous, follow directions of the coach.

Swimming in a circle is MANDATORY!

  • NO DIVING unless ok’d by the coach. Slide into the water.
  • You will swim a few laps, kick a few laps, and then practice starts and finishes (turns) only under the coach’s direction.
  • When you are finished, get out and dry off, put on sweats, and rest and rehydrate on the benches.

Meet Procedures:

  • The line-up will be posted at the meet—check your events.
  • Some meets will have “cards,” some meets might not, check with the coaches. In any event, you need to stay in line where the coaches put you and not touch other people or wander around.
  • If we are having “cards,” you will get a card from the coach. Hand this card to the timer in your lane and then stay in line where the timer/coach has placed you.
  • Focus on the start, your swim, and your finish. Do a GREAT job!
  • Stay in the water until all swimmers in your race have finished.
  • Cheer on your teammates, and watch them swim.
  • Do NOT leave the deck without notifying a coach.
  • If you are swimming a relay, you must stay for the entire meet. Notify Coach Laura if you have to leave early.
  • At the end of the meet EVERYONE must be present for the team cheer to thank the other team for a good meet.
  • Clean up the pool deck; make sure the locker room is cleaned up when you leave.
  • If we win, the tradition states that you get to “throw” the coach in the water. Please be careful—yes, the coaches will go in, but don’t push, shove, or jump on anyone. Just “pretend” to “throw” them in. If you choose to go in the pool with the coaches, please take the time to make sure the area you are jumping in is clear. Swimmers may NOT push other swimmers into the pool. A number of swimmers have been hurt by this in the past; let’s keep this tradition safe so that it can remain a tradition.

Ribbons will be distributed in the swimmers’ mailboxes on Monday after a meet.  This includes:

  • Best-time ribbons—the most important type! (DQ swims do not qualify)
  • Race-related ribbons:
  • Relays: only 1st place
  • 1st to 6th in all age groups (1st heat)
  • Second heat ribbons may be awarded to 10 and younger swimmers depending on the ribbon supply.