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baby, it’s you

FY16 marked the first full year of our Infant Care program, and it was a huge success! We reached our

maximum capacity as soon as we opened!

• Every day our babies explored, interacted and played – it was great to see each one reach milestones in his

or her own time and way!

• These babies also became an integral part of our JCC community as they participated in music, movement and

our youngest Shabbat celebrations. Their smiling faces were a welcome addition to our center as we saw

them on their outdoor and indoor stroller walks.

• Infant Care wasn’t the only program for babies; we also hosted a free weekly community playgroup where we

had 30+ babies and parents/caregivers who came to interact and connect with each other.

SNEAK PREVIEW FY17: The reception to our Infant Care program was so positive and overwhelming that we

opened a new Infant Care room in January 2017 and had the privilege of welcoming an additional class of infants.

Meanwhile, many in our first infant class moved on to our new Toddler Care program.

I cannot speak highly enough about the JCC’s Infant Care staff and

program. The staff treats the children like family. It’s invaluable as a

parent to know that your children will be loved and cared for each day

you drop them off. I also love the variety of extracurricular programs that

the infants participate in. I’m constantly amazed how much both of my

children have grown and developed from their time in the infant room.

– Katherine Janis, mom of Bryce and Isabel

Chloe is exposed to so many social situations during her days at the JCC.

She interacts with other children and adults during schoolwide events,

in the gym and during their walks around the campus. And the staff in

the infant program has been amazing. Their interactions with her are

genuine and sincere. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. She is part

of a community of children that she adores and adults who she trusts.

The JCC is her second home.

– Melissa Cavell, mom of Chloe