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there’s something about this place

When it comes to “this place,” our overarching and dedicated focus is always on making the JCC a warm, comfortable

and inviting “home away from home” for our members. We remain committed to improving our building and campus while

making our JCC more green and observing the core Jewish values of

sh’mirat ha’adamah

(protection and renewal of

the world) and

ba’al taschshit

(do not destroy or waste).

• One of our top priorities is ensuring we are a safe and secure JCC. In FY16, we continued to enjoy a longtime and healthy

partnership with our local law enforcement; we practiced our safety procedures and protocols regularly, and we upgraded

our physical security measures. This past year, we added new sliding doors at our main entrance with an enhanced security

access control system. To effectively protect our front entrance courtyard area, we added security planters and bollards.

• In FY16, we replaced four 20+-year-old HVAC units with more energy-efficient units over key busy areas of our J: the

gymnasium, the Fitness Center and the Weinberg Pavilion. Over the next several years, we will replace all of our aging

units with more efficient models.

• We installed a new computer network server to provide better work flow, data protection and back-up capabilities.

• We spent the year investigating and evaluating co-generation and solar power energy-saving technologies that will not only

make us greener, but will save money too! SNEAK PREVIEW FY17: Installation on both will begin in FY17.

community is at our center

FY16 was filled with a lot of activity in our classrooms, the Weinbergs, our pools, in our halls, our gym, our Fitness

Center and on our campsite. Our members brought our collective “home away from home” to life every day.

• We saw more net membership growth than we’ve seen in years. We are happy to report that some of this

growth was attributed to strong retention rates. More and more members are finding compelling reasons

to hang at the J and are renewing their memberships.

• Nearly 75% of our membership was families with children who add a great energy to our community.

• We once again offered free 7th grade membership and the gift of membership to all b’nai mitzvahs as a path to

teen membership which is so important as we look to the next generation to keep our JCC vibrant and strong.

• In FY 16, registration opened for our second community trip,

Poland and Israel: A Journey from Darkness to Light


This trip quickly booked to capacity and is another shining example of the community that our members have

helped create. SNEAK PREVIEW FY17: In April 2017, 50 travelers will take off to Poland!