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good company

While many people join our Senior Adult program to participate in one of our workshops, take an

exercise class or listen to a performer or speaker, the most important part of their involvement

quickly becomes the warm community here at the JCC. Many of our participants have gotten involved

and have given back in many different ways. Each one of these people brings his or her own life

experiences, skills and talents.

Being a Connector

Shortly after moving into a local Active Adult complex, June Fischer joined our Senior Adult program.

June has been actively involved in politics all of her adult life, so she is well versed in connecting

people. Before long, she began recruiting her friends to come to our programs, go on our trips, etc.

The JCC has become such an important place to her (and her friends) that she just recently started

her first term as a JCC Board Member – a strong voice on behalf of JCC adults.

Go-To Person

Len Miller’s positive attitude, can-do spirit and high energy level are all an asset to our program. Len

is the first to offer help if he sees a need. He has taken some of our members to doctor appointments;

he has picked up one of our scheduled speakers from the train and has picked up dessert for the

group. He has even followed a sick member home to be sure she got there safely. When thanked,

Len always responds that he is fortunate to be healthy and able, and he is glad to help others.

Communi cator

Gert Schloff has the honor of being the member who has been with our group the longest – 21 years!

She has taken it upon herself over the years to keep in touch with many of the current and former

members by calling and writing notes. Former members, especially, are so touched to receive Gert’s

calls and know that there are people “out there” thinking of them. In addition, on behalf of the group,

Gert sends get well wishes and other relevant notes when the occasion arises. Gert has beautiful

handwriting and expresses herself so well that her notes are treasured by their recipients.

Shar ing One’s Expert i se

When Irwin Katz joined our program, he knew right away that he wanted to play an active role in our

community. As a former Social Studies teacher, he has a lot of knowledge to share and asked if he

could be one of our regular lecturers. Over the years, Irwin has lectured us and engaged us in

interesting discussions about many different topics: the role of Jews throughout U.S. history, U.S.

presidents and their relationship to the Jewish community, Jews on trial, heroes of the Holocaust

and Jews of the diaspora. These programs are favorites of the group.

Enr i ching the Qual i ty of Our Program

Richard and Myrna Gordon were both active members of our program for several years. When

Richard died, Myrna set up the Richard Gordon Memorial Fund to help pay for additional adult

programming. Our Senior Adult program was so important to Richard (and Myrna) that she felt the

fund was a way to thank her JCC community. Over $3,000 has been contributed, and Myrna works

actively with staff to select interesting new programs that increase the quality of the adult experience.

Seeing a Need and Making a Di fference

Because we are a tight community, Carol Poppel enjoys recognizing special occasions. She also likes to make our

dining room look nicer and warmer for our everyday lunches. Carol purchased new, cheerful table clothes for

everyday use, and for special occasions, she arranges appropriate centerpieces and creates fun presentations.

She has helped people feel special and noticed. In addition, she often helps plan our lunch menus, set up lunch,

even help clean up – and anything else that she thinks needs to be done.

Helping Each Other Through I l lness and Death

In FY16, member Seymour Spiegel was unable to leave his home. At least once a week, two to three of our

members visited him. These visits were the highlight of Seymour’s week. Back at the JCC, we heard about lively

conversations he and his visitors had. When Seymour died, a whole group of his JCC colleagues, including JCC

staff, paid tribute to Seymour by attending his funeral. It was truly touching and a strong testament to the

bond our Senior Adult program creates.

Celebrat ing at the JCC

Many of our Senior Adult members celebrate their happy occasions with their JCC community by generously

sponsoring entertainment programs. Longtime members Dolly and Sheldon (of blessed memory) Belfer

had a lot to celebrate, and they always did so at the JCC! Together we celebrated their 60th wedding

anniversary, Dolly’s 80th birthday and their daughter-in-law and JCC volunteer Randy’s 50th birthday.

Here’s to enjoying great entertainment and sharing many more milestones together!

During FY16,

our Senior Adult

program expanded to

four days a week. With

your support, we

hope to keep

that going!