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“For a parent the hardest thing is to leave your child in the care of another person and to trust that

he/she will be well taken care of. I have the utmost confidence that my daughter is in a safe and caring

environment at the JCC. Additionally, her homework is always completed when I pick her up which allows

me more quality time to spend with her at night. I enjoy listening to her on the way home tell me with

such enthusiasm about what game she played or fun thing a teacher or friend did that afternoon. Most

importantly I adore Mr. Steve, who always has a smile on his face and an energy that makes me feel

comfortable leaving my child in his care.”

– Jennifer Peoples, JCCmember

During the 2014-15 school year, we had

91 children

enrolled in After School at the J. That’s a total of

4 buses

picking up students from

16 local schools.