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In May 2015, we opened our new Infant and Toddler Learning and Care Center to capacity.


motivation was you.

With the increase in

dual-working households,

many families look to the

JCC for support, and we were thrilled at the prospect of being a bigger part of your child’s early journey! From

the minute you step into the Infant and Toddler Learning and Care Center, you feel the same

warmth and


you feel in our classrooms. It’s the perfect place for our very youngest members to grow and get

their first lessons.

We love the addition of these ten

adorable babies

and already have a waiting list. Our other infant programs

include our free weekly infant playgroup, stroller fitness classes and parent seminars.

We want to be the place that young families can connect and build the

foundation for great lifelong


…for themselves, and of course, their babies. And what better place to do that than at the J?