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Highlights About You

There are approximately 1,200 families that call our JCC their home away from home. About 65% of

those families have young children, most of whom we see running through our halls!

We are proud to boast a 77% retention rate which is higher than other JCCs.

We all enjoyed spending time together this past year at summer BBQs, Chinese Food and a Movie Day,

member appreciation weeks, fitness master classes and holiday celebrations.

Looking to provide a great place for our next generation to grow and thrive, we are happy to report

that teens make up over 10% of our total membership…up from 7% the previous year.

We are committed to an inclusive environment for all and want to be sure that anyone who wants to

join our ‘family’ is welcome, so we continue to explore ways to support people with special needs and

to offer financial support to families and individuals in need for JCC membership, camp and preschool.

“The cornerstone of my presidency was engagement – making everyone feel welcome, that this is

their place. During the last two years, this has been paramount to me. When I think about what is

special about the JCC, I am reminded of how I feel when I am here. The warmth I feel is what makes

our JCC so special. It is the smile, the wave, a meaningful conversation, a productive meeting or

mah jongg class, an inspiring lecture or film, the post-workout endorphins or ruach during camp

Shabbat. It all comes down to the personal touch, to the relationships that bloom and flourish here.”

– Erica Needle, Immediate Past President