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e had over

120 players

come out to show their poker

face for our

4th Annual Texas Hold ‘Em Poker


. This popular tournament, run with a

professional company and licensed dealers, continues to be a hit. It

generated over $37,000

due to the generosity of

15 corporate


and the rebuys and add-ons from our poker players. Thanks

to Barry Friedman and Bob Simon who chaired the tournament for

their fourth successful year!

n Sunday, March 29, 2015, we hosted our

7th annual

Family Fun Fest

, a fun-filled indoor family event for

kids ages 9 and under. Chaired by Erika Handler and

Jessica Silverstein, it featured engaging, interactive entertainment

and unique programs and performances for the whole famly.


250 families

attended, and the

event netted over $22,000

through admissions, the generosity of over

25 corporate


and a tricky tray with great prizes for kids.