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Several months later, Saul did not answer his

door or phone when the JCC van driver went

to his home. After many calls, we were able to

locate him at a hospital and found out that

he had suffered a mild stroke. Saul could no

longer make decisions by himself, and due to

our intervention, Saul was assigned a temporary

guardian and lawyer, and a few months later the

guardian was made permanent.

We also located his family in Israel and have

kept them updated and in contact with Saul,

who is currently living in a comfortable assisted

living facility close to the JCC. All agreed that

the continuity of our program has been helpful

and important to Saul.

We are happy to know that with the help of

our JCC community, Saul is in a safe place,

playing his oboe and getting good care!

Saul is a Holocaust survivor who has no family

in the United States. He is a retired music

teacher and a trained artist. About four years

ago, Saul came to our program because he was

lonely and looking for companionship and

community. The JCC became a staple in

his life.

Last year, he called Barbara Weisbart, our

Adult Enrichment Director, asking her advice.

There was a warrant for his arrest; he had

several traffic tickets and had not appeared

for any of his court dates because he was

terrified to go to court.

The JCC community – his JCC community –

came together to help him. We connected

him to a lawyer who agreed to represent him

without charge. One of the senior volunteers

drove him to court. Barbara and the volunteer

provided support. With the help of his JCC

friends, his problem was solved.



Our fourth day of programming is flourishing, and we continue to fundraise to keep this

positive addition going for years to come.