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In summer of 2015, we created a new position at Camp Yachad:

Director of Fun.

The qualifications? Someone who was adventurous and exciting, someone who

knew our camp culture and most importantly, someone who embodied the spirit

of Camp Yachad.

Meet Zach Goland


Camp Yachad’s first

Director of Fun!

Zach grew up at the JCC and experienced Camp Yachad as both a camper and a

counselor. And he did it all with an upbeat energy.

When Zach was 17, he held his first counselor position at Camp Yachad. For two

years, he worked with Yeladim, our kindergarten campers. He infused each day

with such

great ruach (spirit)

, fun, warmth and liveliness. Zach was a shining

example of a Camp Yachad counselor.

As a summer camp kid himself, Zach never realized how much of daily camp life

was impacted by the leaders around him until he became a leader at Camp Yachad.

Throughout my life, I can always think back to the JCC

as a second home,

said Zach.

Growing up in a place

like the JCC and Camp Yachad has allowed me to meet

adults that I look up to and can go to for advice, meet

peers who I can create memories with and meet children

who I hope I can impact and show just how incredible

a place like the JCC can be.

For Zach, having the opportunity to make summer special for so many campers

on a daily basis was such a rewarding experience. Nothing exemplifies this quite

like dress-up day this past summer, when – among all the princesses, ninjas and

Supermen – one child walked off the bus dressed up as the

“Director of Fun”!

Summer 2016 marks our 25th anniversary! We can’t wait to celebrate this exciting

milestone with you. Keep an eye out for the details!